Biogas Plant

Biogas Plant is the best way to treat bio-degradable wastes, at the source itself. It gives us combustible Bio-gas for cooking and nutrient rich manure. We offer portable, compact biogas plant for domestic and hotel uses, which consume waste food rather than dung/manure as feedstock. Government provides subsidy to Biogas Plants. Read more about the technology and product details

The best way to treat degradable solid waste, at the source itself, is a Biogas Plant. The dual productive nature of Biogas plant has provided it a unique position among other waste management systems. It gives us combustible Bio-gas (95% methane) for cooking and the same time the slurry as a by-product and is a special manure also. The immediate benefit from owning a compact biogas system is the savings in cost as compared to the use of LPG for cooking. It also reduce environmental problem due to dumping of garbage in municipal waste bins.

The technology of Biogas has been invented centuries ago and the technology was upgraded from time to time. Now the latest state-of-arts Biogas plant (Bio digester) is very cute, handy, portable, smell free, safe to handle and economical. The modern Biogas Plants are UV resistant FRP based robust design, Floating roof technology with water seal type. We offer portable compact biogas plant for domestic and hotel uses, which consume waste food rather than dung/manure as feedstock, to supply bio gas for cooking. It can be used in both rural and urban areas where the space is a constrain. They can also be used as a sanitation system for the processing of human waste.

The domestic plant is sufficient to save the 50% - 70% consumption cooking fuels every day and hence the return on investment of a domestic biogas plant is hardly one or two years. State Government provides subsidy to Biogas Plants.

We will provide the necessary technical advice for all those who are prepared to implement the bio waste treatment plant for the generation of bio energy. We undertake the feasibility study, preparation of projects, technology transfer, technical Information, Installation and maintenance of the biogas plants.

If you are interested to install a portable biogas plant for your home, office or hotel, please write to us, we will contact you with the details

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