FAQ - Solar Water heaters

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How do I decide on the size of the solar water heater I need to purchase?

To find the perfect solar water heater for yourself, take care of the following points:

  1. Application of hot water
  2. No. of persons & no of utility points
  3. Area availability for installation
  4. Direction confirmation & shadow status
  5. Water details
Make an actual estimate of the daily demand for hot water in your family using the table below. A 100 liters system is generally optimum for a family of 4 adults. For a free solar consultation, please send a mail to support@ along with your requirement.

Other Questions

  1. How does a solar water-heating system work?
  2. Does any electricity required for operation of the solar water heater?
  3. How long will the water heated by solar energy remain hot in the tank?
  4. Will I have hot water at 6 a.m. in the morning?
  5. Will I get hot water on monsoons or cloudy days? Will I get hot water on monsoons or cloudy days?
  6. Is it possible to use a solar water heater in the kitchen?
  7. What is the advantage of using SS 304-L grade steel for making SWH Inner tanks?
  8. How do I decide on the size of the solar water heater I need to purchase?
  9. How much does a solar water-heating system cost?
  10. What is the payback period?
  11. What rebates/incentives are available?
  12. How does the use of solar water heater help the environment?
  13. Iím interested in installing solar on my home. Whatís the first step?
  14. How much area/ roof space is required for a Solar Water Heating System?
  15. Can these systems be installed on sloping roofs?
  16. Can the system be installed in multi-storied buildings?
  17. Can I use solar system with hard water?
  18. Which collector is better: flat plate(FPC) or evacuated tube (ETC)?
  19. Can the glass tubes withstand hail stones?
  20. What is the expected life of a solar water heater?
  21. Do you have electric heating backup?
  22. What is the maximum working pressure of a Non Pressurized system?
  23. Can I use high pressure bath fittings like rain showers or body jets in solar water heater systems?
  24. What is the maximum working pressure of Pressurized system?
  25. If pressure Pump / booster Pump is connected with the plumbing line, which system is recommended?
  26. How do I integrate the heater with my current plumbing system without any breakage?
  27. Why is a solar water heater outlet provided at the top portion?
  28. What is the use of a non-return valve (NRV) in cold water line before the solar water heater and which type of NRV should one use in the solar water heater?
  29. What is the minimum height difference between over-head tank bottom and solar water heater tank top in normal system?
  30. What kind of maintenance is required for a solar hot-water system?
  31. What shall I do in case some tube breaks?
  32. What would happen if water supply to the solar water heating system is irregular?