We offer solutions to various problems in industrial sectors like pollution control, waste management, energy conservation and audits, system development , automation and troubleshooting

We offer solutions to various problems in industrial sectors. Such areas like pollution, system development and automation, troubleshooting etc. Our team comprises a highly experienced technocrats belongs to various sectors like Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Instrumentation and more.

We offer services to manufacturing units, such as, chemicals, food, fertilizers, various engineering units, boilers, power plants etc..

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Solar Technology : Solar water heaters | Solar power Systems | Solar Inverters | Solar light systems
Eco friendly Techs : Biogas plants | ETP/STP | Rain water harvesting | Auto clean tank | Water treatment Plants | Water level controller | Incinerators | Turbo Vents
Stabilisers & UPS: Servo stabilisers | Static Voltage Stabilizers | Home PC UPS| On line UPS | Sine wave inverters | Tubular batteries
Star rated equipments: Electric water heaters | Efficient Pumps | LED Lighting Systems
Industrial Solutions : Energy Audits | Waste management Consultancy | System development and automation | Troubleshooting