Servo stabilisers

We can provide Micro processor controlled Air cooled (up to 150 KVA), Oil cooled (5 KW to 1000KW), Single phase, three phase Servo stabilizers having constant output with tolerance of +/-1% and over/under voltage trip from top brands like Hykon, Vguard etc at competitive pricing. Please refer our product shelves for more details.

Voltage fluctuation and phase unbalance causes several problems to electric systems like reduction in efficiency; overheating, fast aging etc Servo stabilizer stabilizes the input voltage to a constant output voltage by servo control system. The correction is achieved by increasing or decreasing number of windings in auto transformer with the help of shaft of servo motor. Our Stabilizers by providing constant output with tolerance of +/-1% makes equipments operate efficiently and hence improve their life. Servo stabilizer saves energy bill by a payback period is 18 months!

Servo stabilisers can be used for CNC Machines, Bio medical equipments, printing machines, textile machinery and telecommunication network.

We can provide Micro processor controlled Balanced/Unbalanced Air cooled (up to 150 KVA), Oil cooled (5 KW to 1000KW), Single phase, three phase Servo stabilizers of Indoor and outdoor models. These are operating at wide input voltage fluctuations with an efficiency >98%. These stabilisers having Over/Under voltage trip, Overload protection with MCB and optional single phase preventer. Please refer our product range and brochures listed below for more details.

Limitation: Servo stabiliser is an electromechanical device hence its voltage correction speed (about 50 milliseconds to 5 seconds) is slower than the modern static voltage stabiliser which takes only 20 to 30 milliseconds. If you are more conscious about the voltage correction and having budget then you have to buy a Static voltage stabiliser from us.

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